Health, Physical Education, and Athletics
April Wertheim
Interim Administrator for Health, Physical Education and Athletics
218 Central Office
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

ATTN: Health, Physical Education and Athletics Department
1025 Erie Blvd. West
Syracuse, NY 13204
(315) 435-4181



On behalf of the Syracuse City School District, welcome to our Interscholastic Athletic Program. This past year, more than 4,000 different student athletes participated in our athletic programs. We offer 120 different athletic teams for students in grades 7-12. Our coaching staff consists of certified, dedicated people who enjoy working with our student athletes. They are individuals who work very hard and care a great deal about the individuals for which they are responsible. In grades 7-8 we offer a comprehensive modified program, which serve as a “training ground” for skill development and participation. Winning is NOT emphasized and large numbers on teams are encouraged for maximum participation. We stress discipline, enjoyment or play, competition, and dedication to the value that hard work will produce rewards. The modified program prepares our young student athletes for the higher level of high school competition.

To participate at the high school level, a higher refinement of skill is necessary and competition is viewed at a higher level of comprehension. Our high school freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity teams strive for success and practice to produce as efficient a team and individual effort as possible. At the high school level, we stress the development of academics, goal setting, teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship.