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Varsity/JV Athletic Information Now Available!

PSLA at Fowler Athletics
Varsity / JV Fall Sports Teams 2018

Listed below are the teams, dates, times, sites, head coach and contact information for the sports offered in the Fall of 2019 for all PSLA at Fowler students.

To learn more about online registration through Family ID, please click here to visit our Physical Education and Athletics website. 
TEAM                        COACH                         DAY                       DATE                         TIME                         SITE
Football JV                Mr. Natoli(315-436-0820)     Monday                   August 19th                3 pm                            PSLA at Fowler HS
Varsity and JV          Mr. Schmidt                    Monday                   August 19th                3 pm                            PSLA at Fowler HS
Fall Cheerleading      TBD                           
Boys Golf                   Eric Saroney                       Monday                    August 19th                9 am                            Drumlins Country Club
                                                                        (Bus will be provided to course if needed; pick up at Fowler at approx. 8:15 am)
Boys Varsity / JV      Mr. Pelligra (315-450-6006) Monday                  August 19th                3:00 pm                       PSLA at Fowler HS
Soccer                         Mr. DaRin                       Monday                   August 19th                3:00 pm                       PSLA @ Fowler HS
Girls Varsity / JV      Steven Schroth                Monday                   August 19th                8:30 am                       Nottingham Stadium 
Soccer                         TBD                            (Corc/PSLA/ITC will have their own JV team; Varsity district wide).  Bus will leave from Fowler approx. 7:40 am if needed).     
Girls Swimming        Mr. Curle (315-435-5874)     Monday                   August 19th                3:30 pm                       Nottingham Pool
(Bus will be at Fowler approx. 2:40 pm for ride to Nottingham if needed)                                               

Girls Tennis               Mr. Craig Myers             Monday                   August 19th                8:30 am                       Corcoran Tennis Courts
                                    (954 734-5437)                             (Bus will be at ITC at 8:00 am then pick up at Fowler approx. 8:15 am then to Corcoran if needed)                             

Girls Varsity / JV      Ms. Buckley                    Monday                   August 19th                9 am                            PSLA at Fowler gym
Volleyball                   Ms. Selis                     
Boys and Girls           Mr. Hohm (315-478-7136)   Monday                   August 19th                8 am                Corcoran Pool Office / Tennis Court area
Cross Country           Mr. Serrao (315-560-9044)                                                                                                                                  
Boys Varsity / JV      Ms. Rourke (315-439-8163) Monday                   August 19th                9 am                Nottingham Gymnasium
Volleyball                   Mr.Johnson    
                                    Ms. Marsh
*** We encourage all students to get involved … beginners are welcomed … just give it a try !!!

Any questions call Jolene Todd, Athletics Director PSLA @ Fowler H.S. 315-435-4364

You must create an account on FamilyID and be cleared by the school nurse to try out.  The SCSD does not provide physicals.  Proof of a physical within the past year will be sufficient to submit on to FamilyID.

The School Based Health Clinic at PSLA at Fowler is an option to get a sports physical.  There is no cost as long as you fill out required paperwork.

The SCSD Academic Eligibility policy will be in effect for all students.

*** If you have any conflicts with summer school make sure you let your coaches know as soon as possible.
Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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