Principal's Announcements

Virtual After-School Program

After-School Programs (ASPs) offer both academic and enrichment classes taught by ASP teachers/instructors, using technology for remote access. A project-based learning model will be implemented in many of the course offerings.Please complete one registration form per child.  For information on times and to register - CLICK HERE.

Drive-thru for Success

Monthly Drive-thru for Success for our Remote Students
Friday, December 4th / 1 pm - 2 pm

SLC's (Student Led Conferences)

We completed many SLCs and will work to complete the few that remain to do. If you have not scheduled a meeting with your child’s Crew Leader please be sure to do so. 

Teacher Office Hours

Students will have access to all teachers for office hours on Wednesdays as well as Expedition work.

SchoolTool Check-ins

Please be sure to continue checking School Tool Regularly with your child. 


Your child's attendance to all classes on their schedule is important. If your student is having difficulty navigating, please contact our tech help line at (315) 407-1440.

Direct Tech Support for ELMS

Contact ELMS Tech support directly by calling (315) 407-1440. Our line busy? Schedule Tech Support through our website.


8th Grade High School
Planning Information

(Letter from Mr. GG, School Counselor)

Monthly Parent Crew Meetings (virtually)

3rd Wednesday of the Month.
Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 16, 2020
8 am or 8 pm (link to be posted) Agenda to be posted

Parent Portal in School Tool

If you need support in accessing your child’s School Tool account, please contact our main office at (315) 435-6416.  You must have a current, active email in our system to access SchoolTool.

Navigating School Tool Video for Parents - CLICK HERE

School-Wide Expedition Kickoff

We will also be kicking off our School-wide Expedition on October 19, 2020. Up the Mountain Together!  We will be encouraging all students to ensure they are attending their PE classes for  directions. 
Students will be guided to complete a variety of exercises to complete at home. Each of these exercises will count in steps as we virtually climb the high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains, we will check in on Wednesdays within our Adventure Canvas Module. 
HOWLS  (Habits of Work, Learning and Character)
Your child is earning HOWLS Habits of Work, Learning and Character grades.  Please support them with the following:
  • I am RESPONSIBLE because I come to class ready to learn. 
  • I am RESPECTFUL because I actively participate (by answering questions, using the chat box, and discussions in Canvas). 
  • I am ACCEPTING & COLLABORATIVE because I contribute to the success of group work (by contributing to discussions in person, in the chat and in Canvas). 
  • I am ACCOUNTABLE because I complete ALL of my work on time.