Community Meetings & Pay Days

Community Meetings

Students attend one community meeting each month with their Crews. One to two Crews are in charge of planning, organizing, and leading a Community Meeting.  At Community Meetings, each Crew has a responsibility to plan out and do a presentation on the Design Principle of the month.  They are meant to celebrate the design principle, increase pride in Crew and pride in school.
Month Design Principle
September The Primacy of Self Discovery
October The Having Of Wonderful Ideas
November The Responsibility for Learning
December Empathy and Caring
January Success and Failure
February Collaboration and Competition
March Diversity and Inclusion
April Service and Compassion
May Love of the Natural World
June Solitude and Reflection
8th Grade Celebration

ELMS' Pay Days

Just as adults get paid for working and providing a service, ELMS Payday serves as an opportunity for students to earn “currency” to use on Payday events.  By ELMS students providing the service of being successful academically and displaying ELMS CARES behavior, he or she will earn “currency” to pay for a variety of activities that will be hosted by ELMS parents and staff.

Pay day sets aside an hour and half at the end of the school day on Community Meeting day allowing students to choose from a menu of activities in which to purchase and participate.  ELMS paydays offers students:
  • A chance to see their positive behaviors have a pay off
  • Budget their earnings
  • At times see how their lesser successful academic performance and or choices impacts their “currency” value amount  
  • An opportunity for fun and adventure