7th & 8th Grade Sports at ELMS

Information as of 8/17/18
YOU MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL PRIOR TO PRACTICE AND A COMPLETED PHYSICAL FORM. There are no exceptions to this requirement.Transportation is provided for students participating on a combination team. Parents are welcome to pick up their own student athletes from practice.

Physical forms are available at each Middle School’s Main Office during business hours from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Also available online on the Corcoran website located under downloads. Your child must have a physical within the last year (and on file with the nurse) of the start of the sport. For football teams a nurse is available starting at 8:30 AM to review and approve forms. Each team’s coach will facilitate this process with the students. For all other sports, the school nurse will review forms during the regular school day starting on the first day of school.

Please use our Corcoran Athletics link to SCHEDULE GALAXY for online updates to practice schedules and competitions. 
Questions can be answered by emailing James Palumbo, Supervisor of Athletics at jpalumbo@scsd.us


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