Summer School | 6-8

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6-8 Soar Through Summer

July 5 - August 1   |   July 11 - August 4, 2022   |   July 5 - July 28
July 11 - August 5, 2022*

*See Summer Locations Chart below for your school and dates

This summer, strengthen your math and reading skills, get outside and get active, choose from a variety of enrichment activities, and prepare for next school year. Get a head start and soar to new success!

Only in-person options will be offered. Turn in your applications to your school by June 17.

Traditional Instruction


Turn in your application to your school by June 17


Food and Nutrition Services is pleased to offer free breakfast and lunch for everyone under the age of 18 this summer.

Schedules can be found here. Please call (315) 435-4207 if you have any questions.

Mindfully Math Camp

Rising 8-9th Graders Only
Sign up today for this four-week math camp that uses mindfulness to create an environment of creativity, empowerment, confidence and perseverance in problem solving!

PSLA at Fowler 
July 11 - August 4 | 9 AM - 12 PM


Questions? Please call the Middle School Office at (315) 435-4640.

Building Men


Writing Camp

This summer you can have fun and learn about how to become an author or poet, different writing styles, and collaborate with other aspiring authors in this one-of-a-kind writing camp!

PSLA at Fowler 
July 11 - August 4 | 9 AM - 12 PM

Summer Arts Intensive

JULY 5 -15 OR JULY 18 - 29

Bea Gonzalez Fellows Program

Offered at Syracuse Latin, Huntington, Frazer, Roberts, Brighton Academy, Elmwood/Oasis, HW Smith and Lincoln
Students participating in this program will engage in enrichment programming related to financial literacy, work readiness skills, mental health/social emotional behavior, self-care and health/wellness and career exploration. There is also a community service component which could include office work, picking up litter, tutoring and cleaning. This is all a part of their enrichment experience and giving back to their school community.
Each participant who engages in the program and community service will receive $350 upon completion of the program


Summer Locations (6-8)

July 5 - Aug 12

Current School Summer Location Time
Ed Smith *Huntington 400 Sunnycrest Rd. 8:00-2:00
Huntington Huntington 400 Sunnycrest Rd. 8:00-2:00
McCarthy *Clary 100 Amidon Dr. 8:00-2:00
Syracuse Latin (6-8 only) Syracuse Latin 345 Jamesville Ave. 8:00-2:00

July 5 - 28

Current School Summer Location Time
ELMS (Rising 6th graders) *Levy 157 Fellows Ave. 7:45-11:45

July 11 - Aug 5

Current School Summer Location Time
H.W. Smith H.W. Smith 1130 Salt Springs Rd. 8:00-2:00

July 11 - Aug 4

Current School Summer Location Time
Brighton Academy Brighton Academy 309 West Brighton Ave. 9:00-3:00
Clary *Roberts 715 Glenwood Ave. 8:00-2:00
ELMS (7th & 8th graders) *Roberts 715 Glenwood Ave. 8:00-2:00
Frazer Frazer 741 Park Ave. 9:00-3:00
Grant *Lincoln 1613 James St. 8:00-2:00
Lincoln Lincoln 1613 James St. 8:00-2:00
Oasis Academy Elmwood/Oasis 1728 South Ave. 8:00-2:00
Roberts Roberts 715 Glenwood Ave. 8:00-2:00
Syracuse STEM @ Blodgett *Elmwood/Oasis 1728 South Ave. 8:00-2:00