ITC Clubs and Activities

Club / Activities Meeting Time Meeting Place Advisor(s) email
Acapella Club Monday 2:30-3:30 Room 244 Ms. Peptis
(Agents of Change in Educational Settings)
November 17th, 2nd Period
December 8th, 9th Period
January 12th,10th Period
February 16th, 2nd Period
March 16th, 3rd Period
April 13th, 10th Period
May 11th, 2nd Period
Cafeteria Mr. Natoli
Anime Club Friday 2:30-3:30 Library Mr. Sohoski
Art Club     Ms. Alfieri
Book Club     Mr. Sohoski
Chess Club Thursday 3:30-3:30 Room 204 Mr. Kunnath
CHOICES     Ms. Buie
Envirothon     Ms. Crawford
eSports     Mr. M. Cosgrove
Gay / Straight Alliance     Ms. Peptis
Multicultural Club     Ms. Erlenback
Photography Club     Mr. Newell
Skills USA     Ms. Parvese
Science Club     Mr. Kunnath
Student Newspaper     Mr. Sohoski
Soul Writers Poetry Club     Mr. Jones
Teen Institute     Mr. M. Cosgrove
Yearbook Club     Ms. Alfieri