Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Is there something new that I need to know about? Starting this year all 7th and 12th graders need the Menigococcal Vaccine to start the school this fall.  For more information, call the Onondaga County Health Department Immunization Program at 435-2000.
When is the Freshman Orientation? Wednesday, August 31st, from 5:00 - 7 pm
All students and their families are invited.
When is the 1st day of school for
9th – 12th grades?
Wednesday, September 7th
School begins at 7:50 AM
When is the 1st Parent Faculty Organization (PFO) meeting? Wednesday, September 14th at 5:30 pm
Where can I find athletic information? Visit our Web Site
Tab – Schools, Select High Schools, Select Institute of Technology, Select Athletics
Sport Physicals – To participate in sports students need a sports physical provided by their own physician or community health center.  A physical is good for 1 calendar year.   The Syracuse City School District no longer provides physicals. 
What school supplies are needed? Supplies for most classes:
  • Loose leaf paper
  • 3" wide binder
  • Binder dividers for 5 subjects
  • Pens & pencils
  • Scientific calculator
  • Water bottle (for hot days)
Individual teachers may have additional items needed for a specific class.

Optional Supplies:
  • Flash-drive / thumb-drive
  • Planner or assignment book
Institute of Technology Web Site  (select schools, high schools)
Questions regarding student schedules: Contact the guidance counselors:
Ms. Snyder (student’s last names A – L)  435-4004
Ms. Santiago (student’s last names M - Z) 435-4310
Nurse Ms. Cua-Bertrand - 435-6240
ITC students are eligible for busing in grades 9-12 if the distance is over 1.5 miles.  A Centro bus pass will be provided to eligible students in September at school, Eligible students can ride Centro without a pass during the first week of school.
SCSD Transportation Department
Location:  369 Sixth North St., Syr. NY
Phone:  435-4260
What is Hillside? Hillside reaches out to youth with at least 2 risk factors for dropping out of school such as failing grade in core subjects, over age for grade level, multiple school suspensions, low standardized test scores, school attendance between 71% & 85%.
Alicia Johnson:     744-5376
Darnell Sampson:  439-8389
Yolanda Flowers, Team Manager 706-3797
How can a legal parent/guardian view attendance, report cards, class schedules, discipline, etc.? Visit the Home Access Center and follow the icon "Parent Home Access"
For assistance with lost or forgotten passwords come to the main office with identification.
What is the Student Assistance Program? The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a school-based program affiliated with Contact Community Services.  SAP provides school based mental health professionals to assist youth and their families during regular school hours.  Student assistance counselors provide confidential mental health and substance abuse counseling services.  These services include, but not limited to:   crisis intervention, assessment information and referral, linkage to school/community resources, individual counseling, educational counseling, support groups, support programs for parents & school mental health consultation, and peer leadership activities.  SAP operates in all (5) SCSD High Schools. Contact for The Institute of Technology:
 Cindy Squillace, LMSW @ 435-6000 Ext. 5528
How do I access Library resources from home? Select the Library Links tab located on the left-hand menu of the District website (, or visit
To access the databases:
  1. Choose Databases from the left-hand menu on the Library Links page.
  2. Select any of the databases; they have been sorted by subject area.
  3. When prompted for a username and password for any of the databases use the following:
Username/Password:  Contact the librarian, Mr. Sohoski
To access eBooks:
  1. Visit and enter the following information.
  2. When prompted enter the following information.
 User ID/Password:  Contact the librarian, Mr. Sohoski