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Special Programs
Rachel Breslin
219 Central Office
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

ATTN: Office of Special Programs
1025 Erie Blvd. West
Syracuse, NY 13204
(315) 435-4140


To support increased student achievement by researching, procuring, monitoring and managing supplemental funds used to develop, enhance and support research-based programs and services that address a broad range of needs identified at the classroom, school, district and community level.


To support improved achievement among all students in the District and assist in closing the achievement gaps among our students. The Office of Special Programs seeks to pursue high quality, effective programs for all students and staff. Our office supports all departments and school is navigating procedural requirements while ensuring all special aid and grants received are spent in compliance with the proper regulations.

What We Do 

The office of Special Programs researches and identifies potential sources of funding for the Syracuse City School District. Our office develops and submits grant proposals to organizations and oversees how these grants are distributed to programs.  The department monitors the grant's budget, activities and expenditures and oversees the implementation of special programs as a whole. The special programs addresses the specific needs in the classroom on the student, district and community level.

Department Staff

Rachel Breslin Director of Special Programs 315-435-5840
Mary Fontaine Secretary to the Director 315-435-4140
TBD Assistant Director of Special Programs 315-435-4289
Kate Bidwell Grants Procurement Specialist 315-435-6322
Tracy Murphy Grants Procurement Specialist 315-435-4642
Matthew Richard Grants Procurement Specialist 315-435-4293
Liza Theiner Grants Procurement Specialist 315-435-4850
Ed Anderson Grants Procurement Specialist 315-435-4849
Howard Jackson Program Supervisor 315-435-4274
Stacey Stassi Program Supervisor 315-435-6333
Mary Torak Program Supervisor 315-435-4169
Tiona Rockett Program Supervisor 315-435-4509
Katie Rush Program Supervisor 315-435-5846

Anthony Q. Davis, Superintendent
725 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
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