Margaret Wilson
Assistant Superintendent

Robert DiFlorio
Executive Director of Early Childhood & Elementary Schools
1005 W. Fayette Street
4th Floor
Syracuse, NY 13204
(315) 435-4220
The Office of Elementary Education provides operational and instructional support to students and staff in 10 schools across the district. 

The Syracuse City School District ES schools are committed to all students meeting and exceeding the New York State Learning Standards and provide daily instruction in:
  • Reading, writing, listening and speaking across all content areas
  • Mathematical thinking, problem solving, and skill acquisition
  • Content and procedural instruction in science, social studies and health
  • Higher-order thinking skills integrated across content areas
Special subject areas are an integral part of the elementary school experience. Instruction in vocal music, instrumental music, art and physical education provide a well-rounded experience for all students. In addition, student-centered Library Media Centers in each school, staffed by licensed professionals, serve as a focal point for literacy.
Average Class Sizes
  • Primary (K-3) 24:1
  • Intermediate (4-5) 27:1
Resources for Elementary Education
Elementary Resource Packets

The Syracuse City School District’s Prekindergarten Report Card was developed through the support of the 2008-09 Elementary Task Force and Steering Committee. This supplemental guide for Prekindergarten provides parents with more information on the concepts and skills which are reported during the marking periods in the areas of Early Reading /Language Development; Math Development; Motor Development and Responsibilities of the Learner.

In Prekindergarten, children’s learning will be supported through play. Play is their work! Children spend a great deal of time interacting with other children and adults while using fun materials and activities planned by teachers within learning centers during their school day. Through these activities the teacher promotes the development of very important early learning skills supported in large group, small group and individual instruction. For each marking period teachers will evaluate a child’s progress based on individual performance with these specific skills.

The supplemental guides below may be used as a reference as you formally and informally discuss children’s progress and ways to improve it.
Our Schools

Bellevue Elementary School
Delaware Elementary School
Delaware Primary
Dr. King Elementary School
Dr. Weeks Elementary School
Franklin Elementary School
Hughes Elementary School
LeMoyne Elementary School
McKinley-Brighton Elementary
Meachem Elementary School
Salem Hyde Elementary School
Syracuse Latin
Webster Elementary School
Van Duyn Elementary School